5 Keys to Help Company Execs Implement an Inclusive Work Culture

Collective change has always begun at the grassroots level. Across civilizations, revolutionary paradigms have been born from the fierce, consistent, and united efforts of the people on the ground. Though many of these demands for fundamental rights have taken years to achieve, these efforts have brought about transformation.

An equitable future is not only the key to a healthy society but a healthy economy as well. A 2020 McKinsey report revealed that companies thrive when everyone is treated fairly. In a study that followed over 1,000 companies worldwide, it was found that the organizations that consistently prioritized DEI standards were more than 30% likely to outperform their peers financially. The companies that struggled with DEI implementation (for any number of reasons) saw slowed growth and performance overall.

Today, we ask Dr. Tana Joseph for an overview of how executive leaders can actively get involved with implementing change. She highlights five key areas of focus for executives to consider when creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) experience. 

Active belief in DEI work and all that it stands for 

Taking DEI work seriously is at the heart of implementing effective and lasting policies. Seeing DEI regulations on the same level as safety and health regulations can make it even easier to consider their importance. When equity is viewed as a fundamental part of company culture, we make natural strides toward creating a sustainable and welcoming environment for all. 

Engage with staff, members, and fellow executives to show interest, improve interpersonal dynamics, and share perspectives. 

Hold and attend company meetings, trainings, and events that highlight and support diversity and inclusion efforts. Get to understand what your team needs then collaborate on creative solutions. 

Check your stats and revisit them regularly. 

Consider your company’s HR statistics such as retention rates, racial and gender demographics, wages, engagement, and all of the inner workings of your organization. Taking so many details into account can seem daunting, but it’s helpful to create SMART  (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals. You will start to see the effects of your actions by breaking your goals down into smaller steps. With time, your organization will be taking strides toward a truly inclusive future.  

Bring in outside help wherever needed. 

Considering the various ways that your organization can embrace a healthy future, you may need outside help. Rather than taking on DEI efforts and foundational changes alone, it is most effective to bring in industry experts. Just as you would hire an accountant for financial management or a photographer for professional headshots, a DEI expert can help your team achieve a lasting sense of equity and fairness. 

Work on the inclusion part of DEI efforts before worrying about meeting diversity quotas. 

Although diversity is important, doing too much with little awareness of other cultures and experiences can readily backfire. To make the diversity of your company a genuine and well-rounded part of your organization, focus on inclusion first. It is essential to understand and address any lingering issues within your company at present. Ideally, you can then collectively lay the foundation for a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive work culture. 

Although the responsibility of change is often placed on those who need it most, true transformation in company culture can only happen with buy-in and investment from executives and leadership. Following the five steps featured here is a great start, but if true change is to happen, DEI must be thought of early, often, and integrated with all the company does, rather than its own separate category. 

Still not sure where to start? Thinkubator Media can help. Contact team@thinkubatormedia.com to learn more about our DEI consulting support with Dr. Tana Joseph.

A Goldin Age: Ushering in an Era of Socioeconomic Equity for Women


Photo courtesy: CNBC

Claudia Goldin recently claimed the Sveriges Riksbas Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for her work on the gender pay gap. Her decades of study have advanced our understanding of the way that women experience the labor force. She combines economics with history to paint a full picture of the feminine experience in America, highlighting how our roles outside of work greatly affect our presence in the traditional labor force. 

Consider how women’s labor wasn’t federally recognized until 1920, during World War I. At this time, fewer men were available to continue the growing industrial labor on the homefront. Naturally, women stepped to the plate with their sleeves rolled up, ready to learn and master these new skills. 

Despite taking on this newer work, women’s families and communities continue needing them, creating a unique juggling act for most women. By understanding the complexity of women’s role in economics, we can see the absolute demand for more equitable and honorable compensation. 

As an author, researcher, Harvard professor, and labor economist, much of Professor Goldin’s focus has stayed on women's role in the country's economic development. Professor Goldin’s expertise makes her a pillar of change in a new socioeconomic structure. 

Goldin’s work encourages us to honor women as the cornerstone of all labor across the globe. The amount of care and energy that goes into supporting households, loved ones, and our dreams (successfully, at that) reveals that women’s labor is essential to human development.

Treating women as a lesser social pawn when we are, at most, empowered co-creators has been a great disservice to our global community. Goldin’s economic chronology invites us all to truly consider and honor the immensity of women’s labor. By contemplating and respecting the complexities of all people, we invite ourselves to a much richer human experience. 

For further reading and research by Goldin, read Career and Family: Women’s Century-Long Journey toward Equity.


Keeping Empowered Women in Power: Getting to Know Dr. Tana Joseph

Dr. Tana Joseph has stargazed across the world. Meeting fellow scientists, learning new languages, and making sure her passport doesn’t get too full have kept her busy all while running her company AstroComms and conducting scientific research. With such a robust and active life, we wanted to learn more about what keeps Tana grounded so that she can continue reaching for the stars. 

Who is Dr.Tana Joseph? 

Since falling in love with the beauty and vastness of space as a young girl, Tana was determined to land amongst the stars herself. With a naturally curious and scientific mind, Tana was a problem solver, eager to learn and discover new answers and possibilities. Becoming an astrophysicist has introduced Tana to diverse and life-changing experiences traveling the globe.

Tana founded her company AstroComms in 2018 to level the playing field in the world of STEM. AstroComms takes a DEI-focused approach to improving the culture and practices in the sciences. She explains how a core part of her joy and teachings encourages her clients to follow “Bayesian Statistics” by honoring their own innate wisdom and curiosity as observers of everyday life. By holistically approaching science, we can develop and broaden our own understanding of the world around us. 

Tana also travels the globe, attending and speaking at conferences as well as consulting with fellow scientists and CEOs from around the world. 

Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance 

Since the pandemic, life has changed drastically for many of us. With worldwide shutdowns, CEOs and employees alike have had ample time to consider important improvements that inspire a more sustainable future. More resources and tools are becoming available to ensure that more of us can prioritize our health and well-being in the midst of so much complexity and change. 

Tana enjoys her free time, thanks to a flexible lifestyle. By choosing to remain single and child-free, along with enjoying remote four-day work weeks, Tana can readily prioritize herself and her passions. With most of her spare time going to travel, DEI work, and astrophysics, she understands that it would be very difficult to juggle those deeper relational commitments. Although we honor mothers and wives who are devoted to their loved ones, careers, and passions, Tana reminds her audience of young women, in particular, that it is important for each of us to live an enriched personal life of our own. She advocates for each of us to: “Know that you are enough. Know yourself, your privileges, shortcomings, and biases. Honor yourself and give yourself and others the grace to take up space.”

As Tana creates space for herself and for others who are socially marginalized, it is clear that she is dismantling a system that spans across cultures and classes. With so much at stake, it has been essential for her to remain empowered, flexible, and graceful towards herself and others. Tana expresses herself with a quiet and regal confidence.  

She boldly recognizes and embodies the idea that being considered a “minority” holds great power. The minority is often the most striking part of a whole. Tana shows us that using your voice and your own unique perspective in any space opens the door to a world of possibilities.   

Jessica Sanon Amplifies the Voice of Women and Girls in STEM

It is a well-known fact that the world as we know it has been dominated by male thought and expression for the last several thousand years. Science and math in particular, have been marketed and managed in a way to filter out young women from diving head-first into these mysterious concepts. 

Jessica Sanon is one of many phenomenal women who have stepped forward to amplify the female voice in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). After taking the science and tech world by storm, Jessica is intentionally bringing young BIPOC women with her. 

Her company, sySTEMic Flow, brings impactful opportunities in STEM to young BIPOC girls across the country, inspiring a future generation of diverse and esteemed STEM professionals. sySTEMic flow exposes girls and young women to the exciting world of science and math to develop a firm grasp of STEM concepts. Her intentionality around math and science programming broadens the girls’ understanding of traditionally complex topics and leans into how applicable those topics are to their daily lives. From virtual escape rooms to math jeopardy, sySTEMic flow presents math in new and exciting ways, taking the intimidation out of loving and understanding the subject. As she watches her students draw their own exciting conclusions, each girl develops a lasting sense of confidence.

With over a decade of experience in math and science, Jessica has remained steadfast in her efforts to empower young women. Her commitment to advancing the STEM education of young BIPOC women serves a unique purpose by directly addressing deep-rooted and long-standing socioeconomic issues. Her work helps to empower and inspire individuals to explore a higher potential. STEM holds a world of opportunities for all of us. Jessica is committed to creating open and safe spaces in STEM  for collaboration and empowerment.  By sharing a unique and relatable perspective with communities of women who may have limited access to these resources, Jessica and sySTEMic flow are making a positive shift toward an equitable and unified future. 

Jessica continues to advocate for a brighter future by dedicating her time to advancing progressive action in STEM with diversity and inclusion (DEI) work. Outside of sySTEMic flow, she supports individuals and teams with career coaching and business and program development. Jessica’s DEI work blends well with sySTEMic flow, as it paves the way for more companies to value and hire BIPOC young women as they eagerly enter STEM fields. Jessica has also appeared in several national and local media outlets, including Boston 25 News and a TED Talk

Project Highlight: Mothers In Science

Mothers in Science is a global nonprofit, advocating for the presence and empowerment of mothers in STEMM fields. 

Founded by two French moms back in 2019, this budding organization has rapidly taken off, becoming the world’s largest advocate for moms in science.

The core team consists of inspiring women, who work with mothers in STEMM to create a firm foundation to springboard into a successful and balanced life and career. The team’s online community supports a host of individuals including fathers and parents-to-be, who can offer encouragement and resources to one another. 

The team also conducts thorough research, providing evidence-based solutions to the juggling act that often comes with balancing family and work life. Mothers in Science stands for a holistic, inclusive, and empowering experience for all people in all spaces. The historical discrepancies in women’s representation in science put mothers in STEMM at the forefront of the team’s mission. 

As the team strives to convey the importance of not only including but accommodating women in the workplace, Mothers in Science will continue to break ground for the rest of the workforce as well. When we honor mothers, they are better equipped to honor themselves, making the care and nurturance they share with their families extend into everything they do. 

Learn more about Mothers in Science here

Tap Into Your Greatest Potential with Thinkubator Media

Coaching is a dynamic partnership that inspires and empowers you to put your best foot forward and strive for your goals. From the most lofty dreams to the most basic daily tasks, an ideal coach gets to know you and encourages you to push the boundaries of the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

We all have the potential to live our best lives each day. However, it can be so easy to get caught in the cogs of the daily grind that managing the most fundamental things like your time and daily tasks can seem challenging or even inconvenient. 

A great coach will help you see where you can improve in your own execution, empowering you to focus on the potential for growth within yourself and your company. 

Our team of mindful coaches at Thinkubator Media are careful and conscious guides to your most balanced and prosperous future, bringing a holistic and human-centered approach to our coaching work. 

With an expert and compassionate team like ours, we can provide a range of support and guidance to encourage lasting success, from navigating a communication strategy to putting measures in place to create a welcoming environment for all who work for you. 

When we work with our clients, it is important that we not only help them grow their brand but also provide the “why” or the science behind our approach and the effectiveness of each topic we cover. We use this valuable one-on-one time as coaches to dive into the 101 of communications. Thinkubator Media specializes in helping brands shape and express their image and message to the widest audience possible.  

Thinkubator Media works with companies in a variety of ways to navigate the interweb of communications. Effectively conveying your message to a broader audience is a science of its own. We have stepped in as a communications guide for companies that do not have their own experts on hand. We have also worked alongside a company’s existing communications team to provide new insights and professional development. It is exciting that we can take this far-reaching, hands-on approach to coaching our clients. 

Thinkubator Media recruits industry experts,  such as Anna Chisa, an award-winning podcaster, to coach our clients. Like many of our other coaches, Chisa can offer companies unique insider experiences and advice to help them expand their brand and message. 

By treating coaching as a partnership, we can learn from each other and get the most out of the experience by bringing out your brand's most exciting, awe-inspiring facets. 

Let’s get started; your global audience awaits. 

Video: Want to Start a Podcast? Anne Can Help

Thinkubator Media is excited to introduce Anne Chisa, our new podcast coach.

We sat down and spoke with Anne about her podcast, The Root of the Science Podcast, and how she supports scientists who are interested in starting their own podcast.


Know Yourself to Connect with Others

When it comes to marketing, your message and your vision are at the heart of any successful campaign. Not only is it about what you say, but how you present it to your audience. 

When you’re clear on what you stand for, then it becomes much easier to connect with your audience and folks who need to hear your message. 

Let’s consider the ways to present a strong and clear message on and offline. 

Know Yourself, Define Your Brand

At Thinkubator Media, we take great pride in helping brands highlight their naturally empowering qualities. This can sometimes feel challenging if you’ve been embedded in the research for a long time. We help companies, researchers, and founders pull back and focus on the high-level impacts of their work. 

Consider some of the following questions to start defining your brand. 

The simplicity of these keywords and phrases can be helpful when creating content that is targeted toward your desired audience. When you can actively engage and connect with a crowd that is new to your area of expertise, your brand will be unstoppable. 

Once you narrow your vision down to a few keywords, you can begin strategizing on how to convey these qualities to your audience. 

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience starts with defining it. Asking yourself or your team a series of questions can help you get a better understanding of who you’re trying to connect with. Consider some of the following questions to get started: 

It can be helpful to define a handful of target groups that can benefit from seeing your content and working with you. Messaging makes it possible to paint a clear picture for anyone who may come across you and your content. 

Present Your Unique Perspective 

At Thinkubator Media, we are big on bringing out the best, most authentic voice from each of our clients. Don’t be afraid to explore new and exciting ways to express yourself to a wider audience.

As we become more consumed and exposed to multiple channels of content and information, it is crucial (and sometimes hard!) to stand out. Aside from joining trending topics, following the crowd can be detrimental to your online presence. 

Rather than being caught in the undertow of endless posts and hashtags, you can strategize the most effective way to present your content by: 

Expressing yourself in a genuine, creative, and aesthetically pleasing manner can make your message pop.

Meet Our Award-Winning Podcast Coach, Anne Chisa

Meet Anne Chisa, host of The Root of Science Podcast and new Thinkubator Media team member!

Want to start a podcast?

Award-winning podcaster Anne Chisa offers her expertise to coach companies and individuals who are interested in starting their own shows.

Anne leverages her skills as a scientist and science communicator to help organizations and individuals establish their podcast journies and navigate the process, including planning, production, editing, and promoting.

Anne is a scientist and award-winning science communicator. She embodies the adage "Knowledge transfer is the core of who I am." She is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast, The Root of The Science Podcast. The podcast aims to amplify African voices in STEM fields worldwide. Anne has learned from her work as a scientist how crucial it is for STEM professions and organizations to effectively communicate their research or projects to people so that they are informed and educated. In her role as a science communication consultant, with a particular focus on podcasting, Anne is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in establishing their podcast journey. Leveraging her experience of running her own successful podcast for three years, she provides valuable guidance and support to help others navigate the process.

Contact us to work with Anne!

Want to Build an Online Presence? Start Here

There are several factors to consider when building your brand. 

Working with teams in various stages of growth, we have identified the fundamental aspects to consider in your quest for marketing success.  

There are several facets of healthy brand development, including:

For this post, let’s consider the importance of an online presence for your brand. You can follow and adjust these guidelines in a way that feels most natural to you. 

Online Presence

In our digital age, online presence has become essential to a brand's success. 

Establishing your brand online mainly includes:

Building an online presence is at the core of any brand’s ability to grow its following and establish credibility. By showcasing your talents, services, and stories, you can appeal to your ideal audience just by being you. Relating to your audience in your own unique way will keep them engaged with you and your content. 

There are a few key factors that encompass a well-rounded brand. 


Branding comes from an authentic standpoint. You shouldn’t have to change your style or message to reach your preferred audience. In fact, it is a lot easier to find ways to make your product or services stand out when your brand is genuine. Most people can tell if a company is going through a series of gimmicks versus applying themselves in an honest way. 

In a time when we are bombarded with content and options, people gravitate towards those who present their authentic selves. 


Communicating about science and interdisciplinary work can be challenging, leaving the average reader with many unanswered questions. As experts in your field, it is important to glean the most vital information for your audience, translating the intricacies of science into a palatable format for the general public. 

Although translating complex scientific information can be tricky, it is important to realize that this is why most brands develop an entire communications division. Having a designated person or team solely focused on making these lasting connections with your audience and sponsors leaves room for the rest of the team to tend to their niches. 

Content Creation

Content Creation is a large part of maintaining relevance online. Nowadays, you can scroll content endlessly, finding anything from anyone at any given time. 

We are also starting to see the rise of people going viral for short and interesting skits, commentary, and other snippets that leave the audience yearning for more. With constant replays and shares, audience engagement pushes more and more people to the forefront for the digital world to see. 

If your team can focus on creating content that leaves your viewers with something new and memorable, you’ll be on the right track toward building a strong brand. If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself, “What do I (or the company) want to be known for?” Answering this question will help you create pillars, or themes, that can steer your content development. 

It is also important to maintain the story and content you share so that your audience has a reason to keep coming back. 


Being consistent with your brand’s style and content not only appears professional, but intentional. 

When you design your website and posts, maintaining a visual theme can make your creations easier to engage with and remember. 

It is also important to maintain a regular schedule for posts so that you incorporate them into the rest of your brand’s needs. Keeping your clients up to date with your latest thoughts, developments, and progress will make them feel valued and included. 


Creating content doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem. Whether you create short skits, take pictures, or write text posts for content, finding ways to make it captivating is key. 

There are millions of posts a day on the top social media platforms. Creating content that stands out will help guide your brand toward success and longevity in our fast-paced online world. 


When you are able to partner with other established brands, influencers, and creators, you can expose yourself to new clientele.

Finding partners with similar interests can pave the way for new connections and customers. You can appear as a guest on a podcast, share content, and collaborate in other unique ways to reach each other’s respective following. 

Establishing your online presence simply starts with defining who you are and who your ideal audience is. 

At Thinkubator Media, we encourage our clients to truly understand their uniqueness so that they can define it in a way that attracts a loyal and engaged audience.