Video: Want to Start a Podcast? Anne Can Help

Thinkubator Media is excited to introduce Anne Chisa, our new podcast coach.

We sat down and spoke with Anne about her podcast, The Root of the Science Podcast, and how she supports scientists who are interested in starting their own podcast.


Thinkubator Media <> MassBio Video Series: Women in STEM, Part 2

Are you ready to be inspired?

Our latest video podcast series, in partnership with MassBio features some of the most amazing women in STEM that you'll ever meet.

In this series, we sit down with our four incredible guests - Liz O'Day, Sarah MacDonald, Randall Hughes, and Elena Spencer - and ask them to share their STEM stories. From Liz’s groundbreaking biotech company Olaris to Sarah's work at Life Science Cares Boston, to Randall's efforts at Northeastern University, and Elena's mission to connect professionals from across the diverse academic and corporate community of Kendall Square through music with Kendall Square Orchestra.

We loved hearing about their challenges and triumphs, and we know you will too.

Their stories will not only inspire you to pursue your own passions but will also show you that there is a place for everyone in the world of STEM. So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. Tune in to our video podcast series and be sure to share with your friends and colleagues.

Let's continue to highlight and celebrate women in STEM!


Top Five Ways to Nail An Interview

Interviewing may seem daunting at first, but with some practice, you can become a pro in no time. Our good friend Brian Shactman of WTIC Radio in Connecticut offers some helpful tips on having a seamless and effective interview, whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

With experience in both television and radio, Brian’s gotten to know the ins and outs of good interview etiquette as a host and as a guest. Thinkubator Media Founder and CEO Lori Lennon got a chance to sit down with Brian to get expert advice on what truly makes for a successful, high-quality interview.

Know Your Stuff

This may be the part of the interview that most people tend to focus on a little too much. It is possible to overload your brain with talking points so much that it can derail your entire thought process when you simply forget a line. Although it is crucial to know what you’re talking about for a fruitful and effective interview, finding the right balance between knowing your stuff and overpreparing can take some time and practice.

Try to leave some breathing room so that you can prioritize having a genuine conversation rather than giving a flawless dissertation on complex topics. Your nerves can affect your performance, which is why it can be helpful to practice some mock interviews beforehand.

The complexities of STEM present unique challenges to scientists seeking to passionately convey cutting-edge research. Getting a natural feel for the flow of your interview by practicing beforehand can make it easier to deliver an accurate and relatable message. As you become more comfortable with presenting your findings, you will develop your own style of communication to reach and inspire your audience.

Know Your Host

Knowing your host can make it easier to have an engaging conversation that keeps everyone interested. The beauty of a good interview is in the authenticity of conversation between the host and interviewee. Although it’s ideal for the host to learn a little about you and your mission before you go live, it can also be helpful for you to do a little research of your own.

There’s also nothing wrong with some good old witty banter to lighten the mood and ease the nerves that often accompany interviews.

Be Prepared to Go Off Topic

Practicing your interview beforehand can help you naturally anticipate the possibility of going off-topic without being too self-conscious about remembering important points. Knowing your host and your discussion topic well makes it easier to bounce around talking points rather than maintaining so much rigidity.

Be Prepared for Follow-Up

Knowing how to follow up with relevant information continues to support the natural back-and-forth of a conversation. It can be challenging to boil the complexities of science and hours-long studies into simple snippets for the average person to understand.

Aim for your content to be informative and relatable. This may not be as hard as you think when you express your findings with your own unique passion and flair. Approach the interview trusting in your own expertise and unique qualities as a person.

Have Fun

The most crucial part of having an authentic and memorable interview is that you have fun with it! The host and the audience can tell if you’re feeling sure of yourself or if you’re riddled with nervousness before your interview.

Some of the best gifts you can give your audience are new information, something funny or insightful. When you’re able to be and express yourself fully, you not only represent your brand well, but you are able to truly connect with your audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Watch our full Interview with Brian below! 

Preparing for Launch: Thinkubator Media Communications Toolkit

Preparing for a company launch or building a communications strategy can be challenging.

Thinkubator Media has created a Communications Toolkit that provides a step-by-step guide to help you build communication essentials, such as goals, audiences, messaging, storytelling, and a timeline to help prepare the time needed to develop all the pieces.

To access the toolkit, click here. If you have any questions along the way, be sure to email us!

Thinkubator Media <> MassBio Video Series: Women in STEM

MassBio and Thinkubator Media have partnered for a video series to highlight incredible women in STEM. In our inaugural chat, Lori Lennon, founder and CEO of Thinkubator Media, and co-host Samanda Jean, Marketing Manager at MassBio, talk with Jessica Ortiz, Program Manager at Boston Medical Center, Shannyn Smith of the Capitol Boutique, and Shelbe Jonson, a chemical engineering student at MIT about careers in STEM.


Jaye Goldstein: Transforming Founders to Leaders

Making the transition from a company founder to leading a team can be a big challenge, but Jaye Goldstein, CEO and Founder of Founder to Leader, offers coaching, tools, and support for this critical transition. She joins Thinkubator Media to share some of the strategies and tips she shares when working with her clients.

Meet Anne Chisa, Host of The Root of Science Podcast

Thinkubator Media sits down with Anne Chisa, the host of The Root of Science Podcast. Her show is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Africans in STEM. Her podcast shares stories from Africans in STEM across the globe, and gives her guests the opportunity to tell their stories and share their research projects in their own voices.

Anne shares some of those stories, what inspired her to start the podcast, and tells us more about her own research in this video.


Bio Building Worksheet

Illustration of a worksheet document against a yellow background

There is a lot to remember when building a professional bio. Treat this worksheet as a mental download of your professional career and achievements. It may be helpful to go through this exercise with a trusted friend who is familiar with your work and volunteer experiences.

Download the Thinkubator Media Bio Building Worksheet

Talking Points Worksheet

Illustration of a worksheet document against a yellow background

Use this worksheet as a guide for your next interview opportunity. Mapping out your strategy will help keep you organized and on message.

Consider the audience, medium, and interview goal when filling this document out. In addition to preparing talking points, consider questions you don't want to be asked during an interview and develop answers for each.

Remember - The first time you share your talking points should not be in front of the interviewer. Practice your answers!

Download the Thinkubator Media Talking Points Worksheet