Project Highlight: Mothers In Science

Mothers in Science is a global nonprofit, advocating for the presence and empowerment of mothers in STEMM fields. 

Founded by two French moms back in 2019, this budding organization has rapidly taken off, becoming the world’s largest advocate for moms in science.

The core team consists of inspiring women, who work with mothers in STEMM to create a firm foundation to springboard into a successful and balanced life and career. The team’s online community supports a host of individuals including fathers and parents-to-be, who can offer encouragement and resources to one another. 

The team also conducts thorough research, providing evidence-based solutions to the juggling act that often comes with balancing family and work life. Mothers in Science stands for a holistic, inclusive, and empowering experience for all people in all spaces. The historical discrepancies in women’s representation in science put mothers in STEMM at the forefront of the team’s mission. 

As the team strives to convey the importance of not only including but accommodating women in the workplace, Mothers in Science will continue to break ground for the rest of the workforce as well. When we honor mothers, they are better equipped to honor themselves, making the care and nurturance they share with their families extend into everything they do. 

Learn more about Mothers in Science here