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Coaching is a dynamic partnership that inspires and empowers you to put your best foot forward and strive for your goals. From the most lofty dreams to the most basic daily tasks, an ideal coach gets to know you and encourages you to push the boundaries of the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

We all have the potential to live our best lives each day. However, it can be so easy to get caught in the cogs of the daily grind that managing the most fundamental things like your time and daily tasks can seem challenging or even inconvenient. 

A great coach will help you see where you can improve in your own execution, empowering you to focus on the potential for growth within yourself and your company. 

Our team of mindful coaches at Thinkubator Media are careful and conscious guides to your most balanced and prosperous future, bringing a holistic and human-centered approach to our coaching work. 

With an expert and compassionate team like ours, we can provide a range of support and guidance to encourage lasting success, from navigating a communication strategy to putting measures in place to create a welcoming environment for all who work for you. 

When we work with our clients, it is important that we not only help them grow their brand but also provide the “why” or the science behind our approach and the effectiveness of each topic we cover. We use this valuable one-on-one time as coaches to dive into the 101 of communications. Thinkubator Media specializes in helping brands shape and express their image and message to the widest audience possible.  

Thinkubator Media works with companies in a variety of ways to navigate the interweb of communications. Effectively conveying your message to a broader audience is a science of its own. We have stepped in as a communications guide for companies that do not have their own experts on hand. We have also worked alongside a company’s existing communications team to provide new insights and professional development. It is exciting that we can take this far-reaching, hands-on approach to coaching our clients. 

Thinkubator Media recruits industry experts,  such as Anna Chisa, an award-winning podcaster, to coach our clients. Like many of our other coaches, Chisa can offer companies unique insider experiences and advice to help them expand their brand and message. 

By treating coaching as a partnership, we can learn from each other and get the most out of the experience by bringing out your brand's most exciting, awe-inspiring facets. 

Let’s get started; your global audience awaits. 

Meet Our Award-Winning Podcast Coach, Anne Chisa

Meet Anne Chisa, host of The Root of Science Podcast and new Thinkubator Media team member!

Want to start a podcast?

Award-winning podcaster Anne Chisa offers her expertise to coach companies and individuals who are interested in starting their own shows.

Anne leverages her skills as a scientist and science communicator to help organizations and individuals establish their podcast journies and navigate the process, including planning, production, editing, and promoting.

Anne is a scientist and award-winning science communicator. She embodies the adage "Knowledge transfer is the core of who I am." She is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast, The Root of The Science Podcast. The podcast aims to amplify African voices in STEM fields worldwide. Anne has learned from her work as a scientist how crucial it is for STEM professions and organizations to effectively communicate their research or projects to people so that they are informed and educated. In her role as a science communication consultant, with a particular focus on podcasting, Anne is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in establishing their podcast journey. Leveraging her experience of running her own successful podcast for three years, she provides valuable guidance and support to help others navigate the process.

Contact us to work with Anne!