Want to Build an Online Presence? Start Here

There are several factors to consider when building your brand. 

Working with teams in various stages of growth, we have identified the fundamental aspects to consider in your quest for marketing success.  

There are several facets of healthy brand development, including:

For this post, let’s consider the importance of an online presence for your brand. You can follow and adjust these guidelines in a way that feels most natural to you. 

Online Presence

In our digital age, online presence has become essential to a brand's success. 

Establishing your brand online mainly includes:

Building an online presence is at the core of any brand’s ability to grow its following and establish credibility. By showcasing your talents, services, and stories, you can appeal to your ideal audience just by being you. Relating to your audience in your own unique way will keep them engaged with you and your content. 

There are a few key factors that encompass a well-rounded brand. 


Branding comes from an authentic standpoint. You shouldn’t have to change your style or message to reach your preferred audience. In fact, it is a lot easier to find ways to make your product or services stand out when your brand is genuine. Most people can tell if a company is going through a series of gimmicks versus applying themselves in an honest way. 

In a time when we are bombarded with content and options, people gravitate towards those who present their authentic selves. 


Communicating about science and interdisciplinary work can be challenging, leaving the average reader with many unanswered questions. As experts in your field, it is important to glean the most vital information for your audience, translating the intricacies of science into a palatable format for the general public. 

Although translating complex scientific information can be tricky, it is important to realize that this is why most brands develop an entire communications division. Having a designated person or team solely focused on making these lasting connections with your audience and sponsors leaves room for the rest of the team to tend to their niches. 

Content Creation

Content Creation is a large part of maintaining relevance online. Nowadays, you can scroll content endlessly, finding anything from anyone at any given time. 

We are also starting to see the rise of people going viral for short and interesting skits, commentary, and other snippets that leave the audience yearning for more. With constant replays and shares, audience engagement pushes more and more people to the forefront for the digital world to see. 

If your team can focus on creating content that leaves your viewers with something new and memorable, you’ll be on the right track toward building a strong brand. If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself, “What do I (or the company) want to be known for?” Answering this question will help you create pillars, or themes, that can steer your content development. 

It is also important to maintain the story and content you share so that your audience has a reason to keep coming back. 


Being consistent with your brand’s style and content not only appears professional, but intentional. 

When you design your website and posts, maintaining a visual theme can make your creations easier to engage with and remember. 

It is also important to maintain a regular schedule for posts so that you incorporate them into the rest of your brand’s needs. Keeping your clients up to date with your latest thoughts, developments, and progress will make them feel valued and included. 


Creating content doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem. Whether you create short skits, take pictures, or write text posts for content, finding ways to make it captivating is key. 

There are millions of posts a day on the top social media platforms. Creating content that stands out will help guide your brand toward success and longevity in our fast-paced online world. 


When you are able to partner with other established brands, influencers, and creators, you can expose yourself to new clientele.

Finding partners with similar interests can pave the way for new connections and customers. You can appear as a guest on a podcast, share content, and collaborate in other unique ways to reach each other’s respective following. 

Establishing your online presence simply starts with defining who you are and who your ideal audience is. 

At Thinkubator Media, we encourage our clients to truly understand their uniqueness so that they can define it in a way that attracts a loyal and engaged audience.