Women in STEM Program Model by Thinkubator Media

August 2, 2023
by Taylor Houston

Women in STEMM face many barriers when promoting themselves and their work. In the STEMM fields, building name recognition among peers and external audiences is a key ingredient to funding, investing, grant and leadership opportunities, promotions within organizations, and a successful company launch.

The Program
Thinkubator Media has created a program to address these barriers to entry.
Women in STEMM often face increased responsibilities due to the lack of representation in their fields. This fact cuts across academia, industry, and for female founders.

Curated through conversations with Women in STEMM across the country and around the world, Thinkubator Media’s program aims to level the playing field and increase opportunities for women to receive the support they need to advance their life’s work.

This is achieved through hands-on work in the key areas of promotion:

- Messaging
- Online presence
- Coaching
- Photography
- Media training
- Conference Prep
- Influencer content
- Visual branding
- Video production
- Reputation building

Thinkubator Media provides the capacity needed to solely focus on a select cohort through training modules, messaging work, and other methods specifically aimed at promoting each woman and their research.

The increased recognition of women in STEMM through this program will attract potential donors, grant opportunities, and national attention that will not only elevate the profiles of women in the cohort, but the companies and organizations that support them.

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